What causes paper jams in laser printers

The inkjet and laser printers that most businesses use every day are easy to take for granted. However, they are actually very complicated machines that move at extremely high speeds, feeding very thin sheets of paper through printing assemblies that place millions of microscopic dots on them in a matter of just a few seconds.

Printing processes are actually very sensitive and one of the biggest outside factors that can impact their ultimate quality is the humidity in which they print. Regardless of the type of printer you are using, humidity affects paper. While paper is naturally very dry, with many papers intended for the digital printers used in businesses containing just four to five percent moisture, air that is too dry can further dry out the paper, making it prone to static electricity, which can cause it to jam.

High humidity, on the other hand, dampens the paper, which also causes jams as well as diminished print quality. Inkjet printers work by spraying very small droplets of liquid ink onto a piece of paper. When there is more moisture in the air, the ink dries less quickly, which makes it much more prone to smudging.

While the ink waits to dry, it can also spread on the paper, causing the final printout to be less crisp. Operating with too little humidity can cause ink clogs, as the air attempts to suck the moisture out of the ink, leaving solids behind in the print head. Laser printers and xerographic copiers have a different set of issues that stem from their fusers, which use heat to melt toner particles onto paper.

what causes paper jams in laser printers

Paper designed for laser printers is typically dryer than regular paper, since wet paper releases moisture as it passes through the hot fuser. When you have high humidity levels, the dry paper absorbs more moisture, increasing the chance that the water in it will boil unevenly as it goes through the fuser, creating wrinkles.

At the same time, the toner will not stick to the paper as well when it is wet. The first step in understanding if you have a moisture problem is to measure the amount of moisture in the air with a hygrometer. If your air is drier than 40 percent humidity or more moist than 60 percent humidity, consider installing a humidifier or dehumidifier in the area around your printer. You can also take steps to keep your paper safe from the environment. Store it off the ground in an area that is at a similar temperature to where you keep your printer.

Because many paper wrappers contain moisture blocking coatings, storing your paper in its ream wrapper until you need to print on it can also help a great deal. Solomon Poretsky has been writing since and has been published in a number of trade publications including the "Minnesota Real Estate Journal" and "Minnesota Multi-Housing Association Advocate.

Share on Facebook. Humidity and Paper Regardless of the type of printer you are using, humidity affects paper.Paper jams happen for a variety of reasons and too often at the worst possible time. In fact, if you ask an experienced service technician, they will tell you most jams are preventable with proper use and training to prevent equipment malfunction.

Always fan your originals before placing them into the feeder. Look for frayed edges or dog-eared corners that need to be separated, or staples that should be removed. Throughput Area — The majority of paper jams happen in the print engine area. This is where heat and electrostatic energy are applied to fuse toner particles onto fast moving pieces of paper to produce a print or copy on a laser device. Here are some tips on how to prevent jams inside the machine:.

what causes paper jams in laser printers

Output Area — Sometimes jams occur in the finishing area where your hardcopy output is sorted or stapled. Although this is less common, it does happen. To prevent a paper jam in the output area keep the output tray clear as prints are produced and stack up. On some devices, the paper can actually be seen exiting and re-entering the system in the output area to complete the second side of a two-sided print.

Using quality staples is also a good idea to avoid issues here as well. Using good quality paper, having the system maintained on a regular basis and properly training users will go a long way to you and your printer or MFP getting along just fine!

What causes paper jams in laser printers? | How to Fix

You must be logged in to post a comment. Service or Supplies: Service Supplies Meters Support. This will make it easier for the system to select one sheet at a time. When a jam does occur, carefully remove all pieces of paper leaving no small pieces in the paper path. Leave A Comment. Recent Posts.How The Laser Printer Works. Updated: Nov 20, Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for end users than seeing the blinking paper jam error button.

Lucky for us, paper jams are less mysterious in their origins than an untrained eye would think, as they can usually be classified into two areas: isolated incidents and festering problems. While isolated incidents are traced to one placement error——like improper positioning of paper sensor flags—— festering problems are a bit trickier and typically rooted in various types of end user neglect, like worn or dirty paper feed rollers.

In this article, I will explore both types of paper jams, what causes them, and propose some solutions on how to fix these jams on the LaserJet printers. Helpful Resources.

Brother MFCL2710DW - Clearing paper jam errors

Printer Service And Parts Glossary. Printer Service Error Codes. Yet, unfortunately, there are many factors preventing ideal situations. In a busy office, this translates into several print jobs every hour, which causes faster wear of the feed rollers. In addition, these printers offer duplexing options which, although saves paper, means that the paper must spend more time in the printer by making more turns through different paths.

Once the print job begins, the media has a set amount of time to reach each area of the printing process. If the media fails to reach a location by a certain time, the printer displays a paper jam error signal. Steps to Solve.

Isolate the jam by determining where it is occurring. This sounds much easier than it looks because a jam can be caused by more than one thing, and some jams do not occur frequently enough to be isolated. Solid failures are easier to isolate. You can tell how far along the jam is by how much of the paper has already emerged onto the paper output tray. It is very important to use both hands, leveraging your strength on both sides of the paper because you could create more problems if it tears inside the printer.

If the paper happens to rip, rotate the gears by hand to back the remainder of the paper out of the printer.

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If it appears that one function was offline, you can chalk it up to chance and possible misuse. With the LaserJet printer, replace the Tray 1 assembly if jams occur while the paper attempts to pass through this tray. The paper output assembly should be replaced if jams frequently emerge as paper exits the machine in the face down mode. Replace the tray one assembly for all manual feed jam problems.

Check the printer input feed mechanism which will solve most of your paper jam problems coming from trays 2 and 3. Replace the fuser if the jam occurs as the paper comes out of the fuser. The controller board should be the last part replaced when trying to isolate these jams.We are experiencing longer than expected wait times to reach an agent.

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Are you working from home? This document is for HP printers. The printer stops feeding pages, and a Paper JamJam in Fuseror similar error displays. The images shown might not match your HP printer. Step 1: Clear a jam from the outside of the printer Clear a paper jam from an external input tray, output tray, or automatic document feeder ADF. Input and output paper trays. Look inside areas where the paper enters and exits the printer, and then remove any jammed paper.

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Step 2: Clear a jam from the inside of the printer Paper jams can occur inside the printer. Use a flashlight to check each area for torn paper or other debris. Ink or toner cartridge access area. Open the access door, move the carriage if necessary, and then remove any jammed paper. If your printer has a paper path cover behind the carriage, remove the cover, and then remove any jammed paper. If your printer has a bottom cleanout door, carefully lift the printer and look under it, and then remove any jammed paper from the bottom cleanout.

If the paper jam error persists, go to HP Customer Support and search for your HP printer name and paper jam for more detailed information.

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Need help troubleshooting?

what causes paper jams in laser printers

Just ask.One of the most annoying things about laser printers is the paper jams that occur. Fortunately, paper jams a relatively easy to deal with once you know how to fix them.

HP Printers - Paper Jam Error

There are a few things that you can do to fix a paper jam once it happens, but also things that you can do to prevent them happening in the first place. Paper jams can be causes by a number of different reasons.

Though in my experience, there are a few things that may lead to paper jams frequently. One of the best ways to deal with printer jams is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Printer jams are part and parcel of having a printer. Overall, printer jams are just part of having a printer unfortunately.

But, you can learn to try and prevent printer jams by taking precautionary measures and learning what the most common causes of them are.

HP Color LaserJet CP2020 Series Printer - Clear jams

What Causes Paper Jams? One way that you can do this is by overloading the paper, which is a pretty common problem. How to Prevent Printer Jams One of the best ways to deal with printer jams is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Using decent printer paper is advised, as cheap quality printing paper is likely to cause issues with any printer, no matter the brand. Keep to using one type of paper in each stack, and try not to mix several different types of paper in one stack.

If you have the option in your LCD screen, then make sure you let the printer know the type of paper that you are going to be using. How to Fix a Printer Jam Printer jams are part and parcel of having a printer. The first thing that you want to do is make sure everything is turned off.

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Most of the time with a printer jam, the problem is immediately apparent. You should try to follow the papers journey through the printer to try and gauge where exactly it might be jammed. Taking the cartridge out often makes it a lot easier to remove printer jams, so this is something that you should do also.

If the rollers are working properly, then it should be easy to pull the printer paper out from the printer. Conclusion Overall, printer jams are just part of having a printer unfortunately.Hence, the paper jam notification comes up and the operation cannot get completed.

This is a regular issue.

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Go to Solution. Thanks for reaching out to us on HP Support Forums. If the paper jam occurs again then please perform the steps from this link.

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Computer Printers. Wiki User Related Questions Asked in Computer Printers Where are the areas on laser printers where paper jams most likely occur? One of the areas could be the paper try area, also these areas; pickup, registration, fusing area and output devices collators and duplexers. Asked in Computer Printers What do you do if the paper jams in your printer?

Asked in Computer Printers Can you use regular paper in a printer? Mark Swarthout's answer is not completely accurate. The paper that a printer can use is defined by the type of printer and the standards as set by the manufacturer. For example, with the laser printers I have in the office, their manufacturer specifies that the paper must be between 19 and 24 pound stock for regular paper, 20 to 24 pound stock for envelopes, 24 to 28 pound stock for thick paper, etc.

These are pretty standard paper requirements for most printers. If the paper you intend to use is outside of these standards such as vellum paperthen chances are that they will not work and could actually damage your printer.

Another thing about which to be wary in the case of laser printers is that the paper's brightness is not too high.

what causes paper jams in laser printers

The brightness determines how "white" the paper is or, more specifically, how much light it reflects back. The improper level of brightness can lead to poor print images. Most printers are designed for a brightness range of about 88 to If you have any trouble determining what your printer can use or have other questions, feel free to drop me a line and I will be glad to help you. If your copier or printer is jamming, you may have a problem with the paper.

The paper may be a weight or have a coating that the machine was not designed to handle. It is also possible that in a humid environment the paper has absorbed too much moisture, leading to jams.

If the paper is not the cause, then the paper handling mechanism may need adjustment and you should contact your service organization to have it worked on. It's unsafe and it causes traffic jams.

No It's unsafe and it causes traffic jams.

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Asked in Computer Printers A customer is experiencing repeated paper jams on a laser printer Which quick solution might correct this problem? Replace the paper in the input tray with new paper. Remove and replace the primary corona wire - is NOT a "quick" solution, so the answer should be "Replace the paper in the input tray with new paper. Asked in Meteorology and Weather, Computer Printers What could be a result of printing with paper that has become damp because of high humidity?

Paper jams are more frequent. The most common problems with HP printers are paper jams or that the printer refuse to print although there is still ink inside cartridge. If a problem like this occurs, it is the best to read the manual or to contact the HP support.

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