Sloka for welcoming a guest

Subhasittam are Sanskrit slokas that gives us useful insight into different aspects of life, beautifully composed into slokas. Animals never themselve enter seleeping lion's mouth.

For noble people, entire world is family.

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So, wise people do today what should be done tommorow. It is only who does good to even those who do harm to him, is called a saint. Their fruits are also for others. Similarly good people go through all hardships for welfare of others. Yet the knot of desire has not been loosened. But world itself is the slave of those to whom 'desire' is a slave.

Similarly knowledge, merit and wealth are acquired. Camphor caught with fire emits more frgrance. The wise start great deeds with discretion and never get agitated. Nor did they entertain fear when they secured the terrible poison. They churned the ocean until they got nectar. Thus persons with determination do not swerve from their goal.

If the generous persons have enough money, it is also a merit. What to do? Wealth and generosity do not go together! It is an ironical fact. A thirsty person may drink water from the mirage.

Sometimes while wandering one may find the horns of hare. But it is impossible to please the minds of determined fools.

The moon on his own makes the lily to bloom. The cloud too, without being asked, gives water. Great souls are always taking the initiatives to do good to others.This is the collection of most helpful Sanskrit Shloks quotes that ReSanskrit has worked on since Way before our website started, most of these quotes were first published on our Instagram accountback when our website did not exist. English Translation: May the well-being of all people be protected By the powerful and mighty leaders be with law and justice.

English Translation: Just as a tender plant is easy to cut down, the same requires much more effort when fully grown. Likewise, any disease is manageable in the early stage; it becomes almost incurable when it grows.

Sanskrit Quote on Past Future and Present! Source — TantroPaakhyan Pg. English Translation: One should not regret what is past. One should only think of the present and future. English Translation: As is the mind, so is the speech; as is the speech so is the action.

Of the good people there is uniformity in mind, speech and action. Sanskrit Quote on Self-respect Source — Hitopadesha 1. English Translation: People of self-respect rather have death than humiliation. Fire dies out but never turns cold. English Translation: People who are servants of desires are also servants of the whole world. For those to whom desire is a servant, the whole world also is a servant.

English Translation: Extreme yearning should be avoided without rejecting desire itself. One should steadily enjoy self-earned wealth in moderation. English Translation: On the onset of the rainy season, Cuckoo does not sing but remains silent. Because when there are distressing noises croaking of the frogsit is better to be silent not to degrade your talent.

For more posts follow us on Instagram! English Translation: A king who governs the whole earth may not satisfied. But a hermit is definitely content for whom a piece of stone and gold are equal. Sanskrit Quote on Love Source — Panchatantra 5.

English Translation: Giving, taking, revealing secrets and hearing them, eating and feeding — these six are the signs of love.

English Translation: The intelligence of a person who travels in different countries and associates with scholars expands, just as a drop of oil expands in water. English Translation: A wanderer eventually finds the path. English Translation: Earn with hundred hands and donate with thousand.

Slokas to get a Job

English Translation: Yoga is restraining the mind-stuff Chitta from taking various forms Vrttis. English Translation: Adornment of a horse is in his speed and that of an elephant in his majestic gait like a drunken person. Women are adorned and appreciated for their skills and men for their industriousness and perseverance. Click on the image below to see more. English Translation: For every action, there should be a counteraction, for every blow a counterblow and by the same logic, for every kiss a counter-kiss.

English Translation: You are unconditioned and changeless, formless and immovable, unfathomable awareness and unperturbable, so hold on to nothing but consciousness. English Translation: So long as the breath is restrained in the body, so long as the mind is undisturbed, and so long as the gaze is fixed between the eyebrows, there is no fear from Death.

English Translation: One whose task is never hindered by cold, heat, fear, love, prosperity or lack of it, is really superior. Sanskrit Phrase on Selflessness Source: Unknown. English Translation: A little bit for yourself and everything for others! Sanskrit Phrase on Perseverance Source: Unknown.

English Translation: This too shall pass.The classical period of Sanskrit literature dates back from the 3rd century BC right upto to the 8th century AD. One of the earliest known Sanskrit plays is the mrichakatika thought to have been composed by shudraka in the 2nd century BC.

Bhasa and Kalidasa are major early poets and dramatists. His three famous plays are Vikarmorvashiyam, Malavikaagnimitram and Abhijnaanashaakuntalam. The last mentioned play is acknowledged as one the most beautiful plays not only in classical Sanskrit but also in world literature.

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Sanskrit fairy tales and fables are chiefly characterized by ethical reflections and proverbial philosophy. These were originally intended as manuals for the instruction of kings in domestic and foreign policy. Composed in verse it is of very considerable length, containing more than 22, slokas.

Fable collections, serving as the handbooks of practical moral philosophy, provided an abundant reservoir of ethical maxims. They became so popular that works consisting exclusively of poetical aphorisms started to appear. Given below is selection of sayings from the Sanskrit classics. They also warn us against negative emotions like anger, jealousy, greed, conceit, fault-finding etc.

It has to be pointed out here that the selections are not intended to bring out the poetic excellences or provide a critical appreciation of the works concerned. The purity or otherwise of gold can be tested only when it is put through the fire.

Knowledge imparted only to a fit recipient will yield the desired result. Good qualities put their footprints everywhere. People have varied tastes, likes and dislikes. Wise men say that death is a natural thing for the embodied soul whereas life is accidental. Even if one is able to breathe and be alive for a second, it should be considered as a gain. When the union and separation of the body shareera and the indweller of the body shareeree, Jiva is common knowledge, how could the separation viraha from external entities cause grief to a wise person?Lost Password?

About sanskrit first sloke for welcome is Not Asked Yet?

sloka for welcoming a guest

Below is stripped version of available tagged cloud pages from web pages Thank you Vidya dadati vinayam, Vinaya dadati paatrataam, paatratva dhanamaapnoti, dhanaat dharmam tatatsukham. Education gives Title: welcome speech in sanskrit language Page Link: welcome speech in sanskrit language - Posted By: renjithk82 Created at: Thursday 05th of October AM.

Sanskrit is the basis of our Bhaaratiya Indian culture and knowledge. She played the lead role in everything that we have today, as our knowledge, culture and values. This, of course, and well accepted that all these exercises are unparalleled to any other doctrine in the world and will remain. Sanskrit has been with us for over years. This was our spoken language for thousands of years. This in itself shows how important it Title: welcome shloka in sanskrit for a guest Page Link: welcome shloka in sanskrit for a guest - Posted By: sujeesh12 Created at: Thursday 17th of August AM.

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It is an opportune time to renew contacts and discuss problems of mutual interest with delegates from member countries of the Region. It is gratifying to note that t Title: sanskrit essays in sanskrit language on pollution Page Link: sanskrit essays in sanskrit language on pollution - Posted By: vijayathavale Created at: Thursday 05th of October AM.

The sun and I bid you a warm welcome. Hansen Dept. In this paper, we describe an approach to integrating these two strategies in a single algorithm that combine I need a welcome quote in sanskrit for guests attending a seminar Title: show the welcome speech in sanskrit language Page Link: show the welcome speech in sanskrit language - Posted By: samanvai Created at: Thursday 17th of August AM. Thank you for coming. That many of you travel long distances serves to remind us all just how important our work is.

Annual Day 2011 : 1 - Lightning of Lamp with Shloka And Bouquet Presentation to the Chief Guest

We are honored to have Devaki teacher with us today. Teacher is esteemed specialist in teaching in sanskrit. Teacher brings her passion and knowledge of how to reach those in our communities who are frequently overlooked or bypassed. Prepare yourself to be challenged, excited and inspired.Slokas are short hymns in Sanskrit which convey a prayer to the almighty.

A prayer is in reality,a sincere wish for good things to happen in life. Here is a collection of slokas which touch the activities in our daily life and ensure we do our mundane daily tasks with sincerity. As soon as you get up in the morning,what is the first thing you set your sights on?. As per ancient Indian wisdom,you need to first look at your palms and utter the below prayer:.

At the top end of the palm,Sri Lakshmi Devi is dwelling,in the middle of the palm,Sri Saraswathi Devi is dwelling,at the bottom end of the palm,Sri Durga Devi is dwelling. Early morning,have Darshan view of your palms and the Devis in them.

Surya Namaskar is an integral part of Hindu culture. The mighty Sun,is the giver of power and strength to all the living beings on earth. Significance of this Sloka- Chanting of the Adithya Hridayam daily bestows immense power and strength.

Significance of this Sloka- The sacred rivers are invoked to be part of the bathing water so that the person who bathes in it can be deemed to have taken a dip in these holy rivers to cleanse the sins.

Meaning of this Sloka- This suggests that food itself is God and should be taken as an offering to God-the God who is in the form of hunger and the hungry man. Significance of this Sloka- This sloka puts the whole process of eating as a sacred exercise and is a prayer to thank God for providing food to eat. Meaning of this Sloka- Oh Sage-Thou who digested the Rakshas Vatapi,humbled the vanity of the Vindhya mountains,thou who drank the ocean water,please make the food I ate to digest well.

This was a trick by the Rakshasas. They would invite guests and give them food. The demons tried the same trick with Agasthya also.

However,the mighty Sage,by his tapasya powers,realized what was happening and digested Vatapi in his stomach. Vatapi never came out. Meaning of this Sloka- The God with the curved trunk and big body,who is shining akin to a million suryas,I pray to Thee,to remove the obstacles in all the tasks that I am going to perform. Significance of this Sloka- This prayer to Lord Ganesha is a sincere prayer which can be uttered before you start your work everyday.

This prayer is a wish for removing obstacles and ensuring success in all your tasks. Significance of this Sloka- There can be no greater prayer by a student than to wish for a good learning and this prayer prepares a student mentally to concentrate well, before the commencement of their studies.

Meaning of this Sloka- The human body is affected by fevers,sickness and old age.

sloka for welcoming a guest

Let the medicine I take possess the healing powers of the Jahnavi River Ganga and let the doctor be the Hari God himself. Psychologically,it will have a positive impact on the sick person and enable faster recovery. Meaning of this Sloka- We pray every night to Hanumantha, Vainatheya, Rukodara to remove all bad dreams. Significance of this Sloka- This is a prayer for good night and sweet dreams.

To be precise,it is a prayer for avoiding bad dreams. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted on October 30, January 2, by Subha Rajagopal. Aadityahridayam punyam sarvashatru-vinaashanam jayaavaham japennityam akshayam paramam shivam. Vathapi raksho bakshasa thwam Vindhya parvatha Garvahaa, Samudhra Theertha panaasu Jeernam kuru mamasanam.

Saraswati namastubhyam Varade kaamarupini; Vidyaarambham kari? Sharire jarjari bhute vyadhi graste kalevare.This text is prepared by volunteers and is to be used for personal study and research.

Slokas for Daily Life

The file is not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission. Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit. I adore the Divine Self who illuminates the three worlds -- physical, astral and causal; I offer my prayers to that God who shines like the Sun. May He enlighten our intellect.

This mantra is considered to be the greatest of all Mantras. Those who repat this mantra with devotion develop a brilliant intellect. This Mantra grants health of body and mind, and also success, peace, prosperity and spiritual enlightment. Listen to us with thy graces and reside in the place of sacrifice.

Alternate Oh! Lord Ganeshaof huge body and curved elephant trunk, whose brilliance is equal to billions of suns, always remove all obstacles from my endeavors.

And I salute to his feet which are like lotus. The verse is based on pun and a play on words: Agajaanana-Gajaanana, Anekadam tam-Ekadantam, are simlar sounding words with different meanings. Creator, Oh leader of the gods; May success come to my efforts by your grace lit.

Oh son of Lord Shiva who is of short stature and who removes all obstacles, Lord Vinayaka, I bow at your feet.

Poser:We know of one with just one tooth! Responder: Yes, we think of the one with a bent mouth. Together: May he, the one known as da.

sloka for welcoming a guest

Who is none other than the limitless great Brahman. To Him are all my salutations. Alternate HIS visage is peaceful. HE is the mainstay of the universe HE is like the sky, all pervading. HIS eyes are like lotus. Yogis reach HI. Lord Hari is the enjoyer. Hari is the food and the Creator. He, while residing in all beings, is the one who feeds himself as well as the body.

Salutations to Vyas with grand knowledge and eyes like the wide leaf of a fully blossomed lotus, since it was you who lighted the lamp of Knowledge filled with the oil in the form of mahAbhArata.Whenever you have a function at your school, college or university, the most important people who will make the function beautiful are the guests you invite.

The guests can make your program charming and interesting for the audience, so they need to feel that they are special. Hence, how to welcome them and introduce them to the audience. I feel privileged to extend my warm welcome to all presented here for the celebration of emerge It has become a regular aspect and part of insert name of your academy. Two girls will go and comfort the chairperson.

She taught her a humble career as a humble teacher and she rose to the position of a professor and still without minding her health she shows a keen interest in the educative process. On behalf of the management, I thank him for providing his gracious presence to join us today to enhance our joy.

We fell honored to have with us the honorable Chief Guest. His Excellency Mr. You are one of the most celebrated foreign service dignitaries.

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Guests of Honor: Mr. Thank you very much, sir. In addition, I cordially invite Mr. The comparing script for welcoming guest mentioned above will make your guest feel special and comfortable.

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